How much does a cake cost?

I pride myself on my custom designs, which are made from scratch, using only fresh ingredients of the highest quality, and choosing mostly local and organic where I can. Each cake order is unique and therefore priced accordingly because different decorations and unique designs require different amounts of workmanship. Because of this, my pricing will correlate with the level of detail and design required in your order.

For example: A really small cake, with many 3D sculpted designs, cartoons, stenciled designs, detailed piping, etc (which needs a long time and more work), compare to a slightly bigger cake that feeds more people, but requires lesser handcrafted work (i.e. 2D designs), may end up costing less than the really small cake with so many designs on it. Basically, the more work a cake takes, the more it will cost.

However, below I have listed a price guideline to help get you started.

  • Basic Slab Cakes – Small tier/slab, simple butter cream iced cake with personal message start at $75.
  • Custom Wedding/Themed Cakes – Start at $100 and increase depending on the amount of detail involved, size needed, how many tiers are required, icing type, etc.
  • Cupcakes – Start at $2.50 per cupcake with a butter cream swirl – minimum 2 dozen order at this price. If you require only a dozen cupcakes, it is $36 for a basic butter cream swirl.
  • Cake Pops – Start at $2.25 each for a simple chocolate dip – minimum 2 dozen order. If you require only a dozen, it is $33 for a basic chocolate dip.
  • Macaroons – Start at $2 each for one flavour/colour and increase with more flavours and colours – minimum 2 dozen order.

Rough price guide for my fondant cakes*:

  • 1 tier – $140 onwards
  • 2 tiers – $220 onwards 
  • 3 tiers – $350 onwards

*Starting prices are for basic designs, i.e. cake covered with white fondant with simple decorations like 1 giant sugar flower/ a cluster of small flowers and a ribbon bow etc. Final price depends on whether you want your fondant to be coloured, 3D decorations, different flavours, frosting, cake fillings and number of tiers (the higher it is = more work = higher cost) chosen.

What cake flavours, fillings and icings do you offer?

I always say the sky is the limit here! If it is within my ability to create it for you, I will try my best. My most popular cake flavour by far is a Devil’s Chocolate Food Cake, (handed down to me from my Grandmother) iced with either a chocolate or caramel butter cream, or a sinfully decadent dark chocolate ganache… mmmmmm!!

Many of the Themed Cakes, are iced and filled with flavoured butter creams, then covered with fondant to get that desired sculpted and smooth look.

If it’s a fruit filling you are after, no problem! And, if the season is right, I can even make a berry filling from fresh locally picked berries like wild raspberries.

I also offer gluten and dairy free options. Contact me for more information.

What is the payment policy?

All cake orders require a 25% deposit of the quoted price  to confirm the order. The balance of the order is payable in full prior or on the scheduled pick up / delivery date. I prefer dealing in cash and getting the deposit via email transfer.

Pick up or Delivery?

I prefer that clients pick up cakes from me personally. However, if you are unable to do so, I can deliver the cake to your choice of venue for a fee of $10 within Fernie city center and $15 outside the city locally, (i.e. the ski hill area). However, if you order a cake with several tiers, I do recommend that you get the cake delivered to your venue. Each tier of the cake would then be transported separately and assembled on site. Finishing touches and details are then applied by me.

Do you rent cake plates and cupcake stands?

I do have a modest array of cake plates and a beautiful wrought iron cupcake stand available for loan – see picture in Cupcakes and More gallery.  A security deposit is required and is fully refundable as long as the plates/stand are returned in their original condition within 2 days after your event. I am more than happy to use any plates you have of your own at no charge of course. Below is the price list for my rentals.

  • Individual Cake Plates: $10 each to rent with a $10 deposit each 
  • Wrought Iron Cupcake Stand: $50 to rent with a $50 deposit

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have about a cake order. You will find my contact list on my home page.